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Derlig K, Ehrhardt T, Gießl A, Brandstätter JH, Enz R, Dahlhaus R (2014) Simiate is an Actin binding protein involved in filopodia dynamics and arborization of neurons. Front Cell Neurosci Apr 08;8:99.

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Gießl A, Trojan P, Pulvermüller A, Wolfrum U (2004) Centrins, potential regulators of transducin translocation in photoreceptor cells. Williams DS: Cell biology and related disease of the outer retina. World Scientific Publishing Company Pte. Ltd., Singapore 122-195.


Neuroforum chapter


Gießl A, Regus-Leidig H, Brandstätter JH (2010) Signal transduction and signal transmission: The two faces of a photoreceptor. e-Neuroforum Volume 1, Number 3, 60-69, DOI: 10.1007/s13295-010-0007-9.


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Mühlhans J, Brandstätter JH, Gießl A (2010) Different Pericentrin-isoforms identified in mammalian photoreceptor cells. Pro Retina Research-Colloquium, Retinal Degeneration: 10 years into the new century, where do we go from here?, Potsdam.

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